Bark Binder Stretches the Life of Your Mulch While Reducing Maintenance Demands

Mulch is an important element of any landscaped area. Unfortunately, it is also a constant maintenance issue in many cases. If you are responsible for maintaining large mulched areas, you know exactly what I’m talking about. bark or wood fiber mulch is constantly displaced, either by wind & weather or traffic through your landscaped areas. This results in the (often daily) use of blowers, brooms & rakes to get the mulch back in place. This is not only a headache, but a steady drain on precious resources.

Bark Binder can help ease the pain of this daily chore. Bark Binder is easy to apply using standard spray equipment, is long lasting, VOC free & EPA compliant. We are confident that this product can save you time & energy on a daily basis Give us a call or email today for more info.

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